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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks calling Richard Dawkins an anti-Semite to his face!

Oct 30, 2015
This is really astonishingly crazy and the fact that the Rabbi remains the darling of the BBC and the British Establishment after should really be something quite stunning for those who have eyes that see. While I dislike Richard Dawkins in particular and smug atheists in general he is in no way at all an anti-Semite. The fact is that the Old Testament is a homophobic document, Second Temple Judaism even when it came to Hellenizers and the Sadducees, Rabbinic Orthodox Judaism which is the continuation only of one current within Second Temple Judaism (the Pharisees) is also very homophobic even if Rabbinic Reform Judaism tends to support militant homosexualism. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is an Orthodox Rabbi so I find it difficult not to assume when he gets upset here about the Old Testament being call homophobic is only for the ears of the Goyim.

The thing also is that the justification for the troubling parts of the Books of Numbers and Joshua are justified in Rabbinic tradition by the claim that the various Canaanite tribes were practicing rampant homosexuality (other people have other ways of dealing with these passages).

What really struck me though is his comment on how Christians read the Old Testament. He states point blank that Christianity has an adversarial way of reading it- now yes this has been true historically of a lot of Lutherans and of some Catholics. However this is most definitely not true of the "Reformed" or Anglicans (historically a lot of Anglicans considered themselves part of the "Reformed" family and this only began to seriously change with the Oxford movement all though even today you will find parishes in the Church of England which still do). Indeed a lot of British Protestants in 19 th century went so far as to imagine that they were the descendents of the Ten Lost Tribes.

The Germans and French used to mock the British frequently enough during the 19 th century for their obsession with the Old Testament.



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Oct 31, 2015
People like this Rabbi are empowered by society's collective fear of the anti-Semite slur.

A slur that is used - IMO - mostly unjustifiably.

The way to deal with it is to laugh at people like him, to ridicule them for weaponising anti-Semitism in the way that they do.

Take the power away from them.