(R.I.P.) Kilkenny man stabbed on Dublin Street


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Jul 31, 2018
1000 dead Irish doctors might improve Irish society.
Many of those bastards are now happy to murder unborn Irish children.

Having taken that step it’s only another little step to murdering any patient who is blocking a bed.

I say this now to all readers pray to whatever God you believe in or don’t believe in that you are never in the clutches of any Irish state run hospital.
You are not safe there.
You might be on to something.
Thousands died of heart attacks in Irish hospitals, but none died of a heart attack in an Irish chipper.

So if you get a heart attack, make sure the ambulance drops you off at the nearest chipper.
You're obviously more safe there.
Jul 31, 2017
Was it another case of Junkie-On-Junkie violence ?
I have met many homeless people on the street, where obviously my general interaction is a half dozen sentences and a few euros, but i have befriended a few at least for a time, and seen one back on his feet and working again, obviously there may be many other examples i dont know happened. Those that can end up homeless normally/easily tend to have serious mental issues but when the system is failing the people, then you get people in tents all over.

Ive no idea if it was a drug thing, it just looks like another state failure to me either way, if you get enough numbers of people that live on such basic levels you'll see more issues, there's only so much the system can handle before the wheels start to wobble over time if you do not react.
This place exists and was bled for by a certain people that act in a certain way, and if you neglect this as a primary principle in your delegation then good luck. Unless you are run by a group that will direct the country in a way that benefits the actual irish first, its a race to the bottom.
London calling.
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May 12, 2017
Pretty much.

1,000 dead doctors would seriously hurt our society.
1,000 dead junkies would seriously help it.

If you want we can hold hands, sing kumbaya and pretend all life is equal.
But it clearly isn't.
maybe the doctors had a better start in Life. ....yr not worthless because yr homeless, or have a drug problem.
The homeless are in the streets, & the migrants are housed. Pure logic.

The Field Marshal

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Oct 2, 2018
go on ahead and tout to authorities :D
im quite shocked at your egregious failure to condemn these Irish racists who dare to rally in support of their own native lower class .
Didn’t you know the native Irish were ordained by the Protestant God to be hewers of wood and drawers of water?
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