Video Project Veritas indicate election fraud in the United States.


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Feb 5, 2020
The video below, indicating election fraud, is from an article by Europe Reloaded. Probably a site worth remembering because it also supplied The Liberty Beacon with the bombshell article (below the video) about police in Australia blowing the whistle on the globalist scam which is threatening to result in mass vaccinations for you and or your kids. If reports I've heard are correct, that's something being planned to start here in Ireland, if our seemingly 'glorious' leaders in FGFFSF get their way that is. Hhmm.. at which point after seeing something like the Vaxxed2 movie do the terms "crime against humanity" and "traitors to Ireland" come to mind as being somewhat synonymous!?

And while I'm at it, where does all that so called 'female empowerment' that's been shoveled down our throats for over a hundred years fit in with our people being used as guinea pigs for the mass vaccination of men, women and children?! Let me guess, they'll probably try to fob us off with "we had to depopulate you because of the global warming scam." Even if the climate change fear porn is not a scam, the spoiling of the environment is mainly down to the corporate greed and expansion of the military industrial complex which are due to the globalists policies. Matters ordinary people were not responsible for.

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