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Video Professor Delores Cahill blows the whistle on the Scamdemic.


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Apr 23, 2020
Did you read that link before posting it? It says that dietary supplements are of no benefit to people who eat a healthy diet that is providing all of their nutritional needs.

It does not say that people who are deficient in the nutrients should not take supplements, to be specific it does not say that people who are deficient in Vitamin D should not take Vitamin D as called for by Dolores Cahill.

Vitamin d supplementation is good for you. It does not cure or prevent covid


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Apr 23, 2020
The Government hasn't attempted to provide proof for the need for a lockdown or facemasks but yet it is demanding proof to back claims that the taking of inexpensive dietary supplements to assist the immune system health will reduce the effect of Covid on the individual?

FFS provide the evidence to back the measures that costs billions of Euros before you start calling for evidence of measures that costs cents.

Vitamin / mineral supplementation is already known to be beneficial where a diet has too little. Thats as obvious to anyone as not sticking your hand in the fire. We dont need to tell people to do this. Masks and lockdowns do need to be done. Its a highly contagious disease for gods sake. There is proof that masks and lockdowns work from the experiences of various countries around the world re covid


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Mar 27, 2016
I agree with the difficulties of finding "proof", however first point, masks are low cost, second, vitamins are less effective in systemic terms, I.e. the point is to bring R0 below 1, and vitamins do little for its onwards spread, particularly in the "superspreader" events that are the bane of this pandemic. If R0 is above one, an expensive lock down eventually becomes inevitable. Here is an interesting article from this excellent blog of Yves Smith.

He seems to be saying we should have,strict border controls from the start to prevent the spreading of the the disease, to save peooles lives despite the effect it has on the econony.

bells of shandon

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Jun 13, 2019
The results from Sweden prove that Lockdowns and masks have no effect on the incidents of COV19 deaths.
The most at-risk sector of the population have been the over 70's.,especially those with existing morbidities and low immunity from disease.
This is why Care Homes were badly hit and initial death rates spiked in mid- March and decreased dramaticlly in late April.
Herd immunity has meant the danger of COV 19 is over.
The latest scam of counting cases is just a means to extend the FEAR PROPAGANDA.
A person can test positive and show no effects, especially if they recently had a cold or flu.
Wear a mask and look like a gullible eejit if it pleases you and frightens the horses.


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Aug 17, 2020
I saw some good Trinity academics at the Oireachtas Health Committee recently promoting Vitamin D and pointing out that most of the cases in ICU were Vit D deficient (as are 70% of the Dublin population in winter). Not sure if there were any from UCD there.

TW Tone

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May 5, 2019
I am not a huge admirer of Cahill.

But I do admire her ability to hold down a cushy number.

UCD say she is not currently teaching or doing academic administration.

So what is she doing?

Yet if she's a full Professor she's on 150K and more.

My kind of job. I've been paid for doing nothing, but never that much.


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Jul 27, 2018
Sounds like she is on 'gardening leave' like John Delaney was, on presumably on full salary
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