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COVID-19 Prof Luke O'Neill declines covid19 vaccination


PI Member
Oct 8, 2016
Prof Luke O'Neill declines covid19 vaccination

Trinity Professor Luke O'Neill, the loudest vaccine promotor in Ireland, tells Brendan O'Connor that he was offered vaccination against Covid19 but declined.

Broadcast: 18 Apr 2021 | RTÉ Radio One

Previously on the Luke O'Neill Show:
"If all else fails, we might need to make it illegal not to vaccinate."

(Thanks to Illustro and Field Marshal for the links)


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The Field Marshal

PI Member
Oct 2, 2018
This professor O,Neill has been the front page poster boy of RTE since the start of the pandemic roaring and screaming that SCIENCE IS GREAT.
how dangerous the virus was etc etc etc

Like a bad rash all over the place promoting the advantages of vaccination and the amazing discoveries of the new covid vaccine and how fantastic and amazing the whole thing was with the early discovery of many succesful vaccines.

Now he publicly admits he declines the vaccine when offered to him?

RTE dont even question him?

Can anybody explain what is really going on?

The Field Marshal

PI Member
Oct 2, 2018
I'm not even surprised at this. The mixed signals coming out of the establishment are classic subversion tactics.

Make people feel powerless by showing that those in power can do as they like while telling us what to do.
Nothing mixed about Professor Luke O,Neills categorical rejection of the Pfizer vaccine or O,Connors description of it as poison.

gerhard dengler

PI Member
Sep 6, 2018
I've locked this thread for a second.

Making the same point, over and over again in the thread or in any other thread, is an attempt to troll.

This is a good thread. Further attempts to troll on this thread will be moderated.

Thread re-opened.