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Primetime hit-piece against Irish nationalists this evening - "The New Nationalism"


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Oct 8, 2016
Primetime hit-piece against Irish nationalists this evening - "The New Nationalism"

Primetime — "The New Nationalism" on bitchute


Word got out this morning that Primetime is planning to broadcast a hit piece against Irish nationalists tonight.
RTÉ has just floated an article titled the '
The 'New Nationalists'

They call themselves nationalists. In Ireland, of course, this doesn't really mean that much. After all, most of the leading figures in our history for the last century and a half would identify as nationalists. But the people we’re talking about are different from the figures in our history. It’s fair to call them 'new nationalists’.

>Like other similar groups in Spain, Germany, the U.K. and elsewhere, the focus of these groups is immigration. Some of them subscribe to the internet conspiracy theory, called the Great Replacement. Rather than seeing the increase in non-Irish people living and making their lives here as being a normal part of a modern European country, some of the new nationalists see it as a conspiracy to overwhelm Ireland with foreigners.

As you can see, straight off the bat, the narrative they are concocting is to distance Irish nationalists from our heroes of old.
Supposedly the great dream of the 1916 Signatories was to flood the country with endless foreigners to drive down wages and inflate housing costs so that Irish people are a minority in two thirds of north inner city currently and disappearing fast elsewhere.

They also want to dismiss concern about replacement levels of immigration by labeling it a conspiracy theory.

The stats however are on our side:

  • 50.4%: The percentage of under 14s who will have a migrant background by 2061 in Ireland according to a 2011 Eurostat study. Across all ages the percentage was 45.1%
    Eurostat | 2011
  • 200%: The increase in population Tánaiste Simon Coveney says he wants for every city outside Dublin over the next 20-30 years. — “Over the next 20-30 years, effectively we want to attempt to double the size of all the cities in population terms outside of Dublin.”
    Newstalk | 16 May 2017
  • 50%: The percentage of Longford’s population which will be of a mixture of different foreign ethnicities by 2050 according to Longford’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC) at a publicly convened meeting in November 2017
    Longford Leader | 8 Nov 2017 [archive]
  • 10 million: The all-island population of Ireland Tánaiste Simon Coveney wants Ireland to prepare for by 2050 according a document outlining his policy priorities for the Fine Gael Leadership contest in May 2017. His projected figure was 8 million by 2030.
    Simon Coveney Policy Priorities’ | May 2017

RTÉ are also trying to make it a racial issue by suggestion Irish nationalists' only concern is that country is being swamped with black and brown people.

>For many of them the conspirators include the Irish government, NGOs, the EU and the UN. They believe that these organisations want to replace Irish people with brown and black people from abroad. That’s the idea which has taken hold among these groups.

Has anyone ever heard an Irish nationalist suggest that they are perfectly fine with the levels of immigration from Eastern Europe and it's only black and brown people that concern them? I haven't.

According to this account Justin Barrett was banned on twitter today ahead of an appearance on Primetime.

One thing it proves is the establishment are getting very nervous.

Watch tonight after the 9 o'clock news and remember, it only took a hundred years for the Guanche people in the Canary islands for them to be ethnically and culturally absorbed by foreigners. A cave of their bones is all that remains.

What watching Justin Barrett on RTÉ last night felt like...

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Sep 4, 2018
I'm amazed they are going to let him speak direct from Montrose Studios Dublin 4!o_O

I'm sure though they will heavily edited to slant it so that he comes across as some kind of racist bigot....

Anyway Good Luck to Justin with it.

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Feb 15, 2019
Why are they blacking out O'Doherty/Waters supporters
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