Podcasts and internet shows that you find interesting

Jul 31, 2017
Things that i find interesting but dont want to create a thread for each time etc...
has some podcasts I like, Myth of the 20th Century as already posted is a great one.

The website is gone, but the videos are still there, 2Kevins with Grace & Steel, was one i liked when it was still going, he has since moved to luke ford show, which he has practically taken over when on.

I like Ryan Dawson, Tim Kelly as examples of if i had time, can be interesting and a little out there, but some are very good.

Used to listen to the Corbett Repot, and Scott Hortan and similar, but not much of late.

Otherwise if ye like history, a great podcast on
Byzantine or the Normans i liked.
Dan Carlin hardcore histories has some decent stuff.
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