Critiqued Philip, Chopper, and Critiqued 19/7/20

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Political Irish

Political Irish

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Feb 5, 2019
Link to Youtube channel

Chatting with Chopper and Philip

Kelly’s letter about this LGBTQ agenda for children

Choppers thread

My Bitchute Channel, my main channel

Please subscribe to Its Ok To Be Irish, Philip It's okay to be Irish

Please subscribe to Chopper on Youtube

Special Thanks to Wolfhound and Kelly for moderating the livechat.
Note To Youtube Mods, . This channel does not condone hate or violence in any of its forms ,we are pacifists.

And listen my views are my own, I speak for myself and no one else ~ Critiqued

The stream of innuendo was responding to at the beginning

If you would like to leave a Tip for this channel or a superchat and all my channels please use this link as Entropy is a company which supports freedom of Expression and tipping through them supports them aswel. you can also watch the stream here with the same livechat
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