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Jul 31, 2017
How the hell did the Catholic Church change after Vatican2? Scripture did not change!
Scripture ?, Scripture alone is protestant thing. If you want to be a protestant, then go be one, there's 30,000 different variations.

That is what happens when people promote scripture alone, and everyone has their own interpretation of what the scripture is.
As you have said, "Man is a flawed creature by nature and he must be restrained from excessive impulses.", its no different.
The reason the catholic church is the catholic church is it did not change. You change and you've become another protestant variation, and all the indulgences that go with it.

You undermine the rules, for example
by promoting that everyone can be saved and they dont have to be converted, Nostra aetate
The Church regards with esteem also the Moslems. They adore the one God, living and subsisting in Himself; merciful and all- powerful, the Creator of heaven and earth,(5) who has spoken to men; they take pains to submit wholeheartedly to even His inscrutable decrees, just as Abraham, with whom the faith of Islam takes pleasure in linking itself, submitted to God. Though they do not acknowledge Jesus as God, they revere Him as a prophet. They also honor Mary, His virgin Mother; at times they even call on her with devotion. In addition, they await the day of judgment when God will render their deserts to all those who have been raised up from the dead. Finally, they value the moral life and worship God especially through prayer, almsgiving and fasting.

Compared to the verse in the bible
1 John 4:15 Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.

Now i could interpret this as all kinds of things as a protestant, in the same way NOSTRA AETATE does, but in the past this only ment one thing and one thing only, convert or we are not on the same page.

You undermine the militancy of the church and its rules and the hierarchy goes to shit, then priests/nuns/bishops start thinking what else doesnt matter.

Is it now ok to ride other men/women in general, next thing all the gay priests, which the church was full of, are riding each other and every queer in town, and robbing the churchs to feed their new lifestyles, as the highly promiscuous gay lifestyle kicks in.

And so men leads to boys. As after all boys are male, itsnt that how it works ? I can interpret the world now how i like now, its a dog eat dog world, boys are males too. Oh wait the catholic church is a fucked now.
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