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Poll Peoples Vote on Open Borders / Stricter Border Controls

Do you want a People’s Vote on Open Borders / Stricter Border Controls?

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Jul 28, 2018
Ireland is not part of Schengen as the Brits protected us from our own traitorous elite ( the Brits could not have a Schengen Country bordering them anyway) it worked in our favour but also we have had our fair share of bogus asylum seekers come in through the UK with UK visas only,, then they expired and they used the common travel area to rip both Countries off,,

FFG/Labour Sh1t Fein SD etc are all utter traitors and the only vote that matters is a vote against the elite nimby open border scumbags,, loads of other EU Countries , Austria, Italy, Spain, France , UK, Sweden, Denmark, etc have voted for NEW Party's,, this has changed the landscape of politics in these Countries and that is the only way to change anything,,

If Le Pen wins the next French election the ball will finally start rolling as Merkel p1sses off under the rock she crawled out from in the near future also,, make no mistake , the native European people have been "woke" to the madness of the third world population explosion and the traitors in their political class,,

It is very easily explained ,, it just shows you what SCUMBAGS we have in Ireland posing as Media,

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