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Something I find relevant to this topic is the parading of homosexuality/transgenderism (and their 'cause') across all forms of media. It is even bleeding into media designed for the entertainment of young children. The idea that there are 100+ genders is mind-blowing enough for the adult brain, never mind a child. This is bound to breed a new generation of children with increased psychological issues, confusing social norms and increased difficulty in developing into themselves and/or who they wish to be. I just find it perplexing how in (Northern) Ireland, there are an increasing number of towns who are banning the tri-colour for St. Patrick's Day, but would proudly adorn their community with the rainbow flag. Is it now getting to the point where we are expected to celebrate 4%< of the country over our own national pride?

Just on a note, JK Rowling has now stated that the character Hagrid in her Harry Potter series was in fact, homosexual via Twitter (I believe). Despite the new prequel centred around him, not providing a hint of homosexuality, she thinks she can win the hearts (and money) of the LBGT community through a simple tweet. Oh Joanne, stop attempting to stay relevant, it's embarrassing.

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Aug 29, 2017
there are two different kinds of gay people , ordinary gays and Marxist Gays , ordinary gays just want to live their lives and are not attention seekers , they dont feel the need to constantly promote their sexuality and use it to push all other kinds of agendas .. e.g abortion , mass migration , identity politics . Marxist gays on the other hand feel the need to constantly use their sexuality as a weapon against conservative and traditional ways of life , to undermine society and turn everybody against each other and cause chaos in society .
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