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Video Noahide laws - get educated

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Israel and various chabad rabbinical group are actively working to ensure Noahide law is the future law governing the relations between Jews and non-Jews throughout the world. Yes, the whole world. This is an excellent playlist that delves deeply into these laws and what it means for the average goy n gal


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The rise of antisemitism laws in the US currently is a manifestation of Noahide law being rolled out. Coming everywhere in time.

Here is an excellent discussion:



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Feb 5, 2020
I've not heard the Church put up any opposition to, or give any warning of, this being a danger in the near future. If the Church is not going to be more proactive in the defence of Western people, sometimes referred to as Christendom, it's up to Western people to compartmentalise the Church in the name of self defence.
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