New town approved for Cork



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Bord Pleanala has approved a planning scheme for approx. 5,000 houses or 12,000 people at Monard to the northwest of Cork City and 4km from Blarney. The scheme includes a town centre with provision for offices and retail, and 3 'villages' in the scheme area. The Bord has conditioned that a train station must be provided before development kickstarts. The approval of the planning scheme or SDZ means that planning applications that are considered by Cork County Council to be consistent with the scheme are approved, and there is no right to appeal to Bord Pleanala. The scheme requires big investment in infrastructure like water, sewer, roads, parks, sports facilities, schools etc. and development will not be permitted at each stage unless specified infrastructure is in place, i.e. intended to work on a phased basis. It's not the first such SDZ scheme in the country, with plenty of activity already for the Docklands scheme. However, there are also notable failures for example, Adamstown.

So, having a look at your crystal ball, will this become a roaring success or a mini version of a Chinese ghost town? Suggestions for new names for the town also welcome

Monard Planning Scheme 2015 - Cork County Council Planning

Tadhg Gaelach

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Jan 14, 2016
I suppose they will import the population for this town from Nigeria and Afghanistan.

Suggested name - Baile na Rapefúgaís
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