Naughty Irish fellas get in trouble for a spot of Jew bashing


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Feb 14, 2018
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'I have never seen so much hatred for Jews,' says filmmaker on Derry bar's anti-Semites

Anti-Semitic tirade filmed by Jewish director in Northern Ireland bar sparks anger

A world renowned filmmaker who captured a group of men spout hatred toward Jews in a Derry bar has said he has never seen so much anti-semitism as what he did during his entire visit to Northern Ireland.

However, he said at least those in the bar were honest and did not try and hide their hatred.

Theater director, playwright, author and journalist, Tuvia Tenenbom was in Northern Ireland to research on a new book.

In a clip which has gone viral on social media the 62-year-old visits Derry's Bogside area and asks bemused locals why there are so many Palestinian flags flying in the area.

Some drinkers that respond say they "hate Jews" describing Israelis as "child murdering scum" and they were the "scourge of the Earth".

One of the group shouted: "The only thing Hitler did wrong was he didn't kill enough f***ing Jews."

Police have confirmed that they have received a complaint in relation to the video and are investigating.

Mr Tenenbom told Frank Mitchell on the U105 Phone In: "I have dealt with this type of antisemitism before... I have met with many people who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause,"

"I don't think I ever have met people who have so much hatred for the Jews as I met in Northern Ireland and Ireland and that includes Derry.

"I have never seen people so hated of Jews. There are anti-Semites in Germany, there are anti-semites all over the world. This kind of hatred that I found - and Derry is a small place. I have never seen so much."

'I have never seen so much hatred for Jews,' says filmmaker on Derry bar's anti-Semites -

George Dillon

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Nov 6, 2018
These men don't articulate it with finesse, but I admire their hatred for mass killings by the Israelli state.
I wish the mealy-mouthed Labour MPs in Britain shared their hatred of oppression.


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Oct 30, 2015
Not in that video, anyway!!! ;)
Both tribes have justifiable criticisms of the other, justifiable criticism is not the same thing as tribalism or sectarianism, in fact I am sure that Tadgh would agree with a lot of my sisters' criticisms on themuns and he is from a hard line militant Irish Republican background. However unless she is very drunk and in a giddy mood she wouldn't say anything tribalist against the CNR community. She would though easily have said much worse or at least more detailed stuff against Jews (she is a big fan of "Pastor" Texe Marrs- I am surprised that roc has not picked up on him, he is really out there, do you know him my Yeshiva laddie?). So I would not presume that they are necessarily tribalist or sectarian.

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