#Merkelwatch 'EU survival at stake' European Parliament President says EU faces crucial moment in TWO WEEKS

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Nov 21, 2015
Catalpast said:Today 10:46 PM

Merkel also said she had struck deals with 16 other countries for them to take back already-registered asylum seekers. But central European nations including Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia denied any such agreement. “Germany has not addressed us and I will not sign this agreement,” Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš said in a statement. “No negotiations have taken place between the Czech Republic and Germany on this question,” he added

The whole thing is a mess!

However the remarks by the Czech PM makes one wonder of any negotiations of any kind were conducted with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar either?

The impression given out is that he was there negotiating on our behalf

- but did he even get a look in edgeways at all...….

Yet he says here:

Mr Varadkar said there should be a degree of "burden-sharing" in the transfer of migrants to other European countries.

He added: "The 28 members agreed a compromise framework on managing migration largely based on the principle that this is a European problem and one that we need to work together on.

"We committed to working with African countries, supporting them to build up governance, to build up security and economic opportunity, providing an extra 500 million (euro) to the European Trust Fund for Africa.

"We took the view that we needed to have a degree of ... burden-sharing on the transfer of migrants to countries and Ireland has already agreed to accept some from that as well."

One of these gentlemen Babiš or Varadkar is clearly not telling the Truth about what went on at the EU Council Meeting

- which one do you think that may be?

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