Hot Lovely "Humanitarian" George Soros brags about how he helped Nazis against Jews + Crash Economies

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Nov 21, 2015

At 9.05 Soros brags about how easy it was for him to help the Nazis against his own Jewish people.


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Jan 14, 2016
By the Gulag wall.
The issue of him helping to confiscate Jewish property at 14 years old is not a particularly black and white issue. On the one hand, 14 year olds can be very patriotic. Seán Healy sacrificed his life for Ireland in the ranks of Na Fianna Éireann at only 13 years of age during the 1916 Rising, and twenty more members of Na Fianna Éireann were martyred during the last struggle in the six counties. But it's sure these youngsters came from patriotic families and communities. Soros seems to have been a sort of stray dog from the start, who latched on to an older man who fed him. Soros may not have felt very much connection with the Jews. There may be some signs of his later behaviour in all of that, or there may not be. After all, look at all those military age men deserting Syria in its hour of need - and instead of being shunned as traitors and draft dodgers, they are welcomed as "refugees" in Europe. If we can blame a 14 year old boy, then we can blame these grown men a thousands times more.

And he is correct in saying that if he didn't do what he does in the markets, somebody else would. He is correct when he says that Capitalism is an amoral system. Right and wrong don't matter - only whether you won the last trade or lost it. But Soros does have a moral basis to his political activities outside of his money accumulating activities - and that's in how he spends the money he has accumulated. As we know, he has funded violent and subversive activities in countries like Ukraine that have left thousands of people dead or horribly maimed for life. Is this immoral? Not from the perspective of the moral paradigm that Soros works to. And this moral paradigm is the one laid out by Soros' old professor at the London School of Economics - Karl Popper. And this is where the activities of Soros become much much more serious than the mad adventures of one extremely wealthy man - because the ideas of Popper motivate the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Nickolas Sarkozi and a whole host of other Globalist types.

Popper sets out his ideas in a book called "The Open Society and its Enemies." Soros has said on many occasions that he lives by this book. The basic idea is that a "miracle" happened in Europe during the so called Enlightenment, where men broke the chains of tradition and became conscious masters of their own private individual fates. But, the Traditionalists remain in the background, always waiting for their chance to pull the Enlightened Ones back into the darkness of tradition and the collective consciousness. And Communists are to be regarded as just another form of Traditonalist, as they too put the collective before the conscious will of the individual. So all these counties like Iraq under Saddam, Libya under Gaddafi, Russia under Putin, and now the USA under Trump, cannot be regarded as neutral factors in the world. They must be regarded as Enemies of the Open Society. If they are not overthrown then they could always pull us back into the darkness of traditional thought.

So, I think it's clear that Soros is a dangerous man - but not because of his private, inherent, evil (which may or may not be there). He is dangerous because he regards himself as the Guardian of a Miracle. In effect, he is a religious fundamentalist - a Jihadist.
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Oct 30, 2015
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Soros wrote once that it had been the happiest year of his life, because it had given him the opportunity to witness his father's heroism.

He later spoke about this sentence he wrote, when called on it, on various occasions, about how to a fourteen year old boy, the feeling of surviving and thriving in such personal danger was akin to how say a motorbike racer on the Isle of man TT feels more alive than they have ever felt before, while their body senses they might die any minute.

But if people really wanted to understand Soros, they might first read one of his books, such as his "The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror."

Then they might look to the people who hate him and are threatened by him. - The Trumpites. Alex Jones, and others who play on peoples' worst elements for lucre. János Áder. Idiots like the OP. And so on.

Finally they might try and understand that his "Open Society Foundation" is not primarily about "Open Borders". It is named after the book by Soros' long time mentor, Karl Popper, titled, "The Open Society & its Enemies". Read that book to know what his foundations are about.

A little knowledge might go a long way to banishing the "sinister, scheming Jew" trope, always so popular: