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Ireland Lisa Smith is Back In Ireland (Arrested by Gardaí on Suspicion of Terrorist Offences)!


PI Member
Aug 29, 2018
Planet Ireland
We have allowed a supporter of heavily armed pedophiles into this country. Noone children is safe as long as she is alive. What a joke
It appears that Lisa or Saida Zeinab, they usually take an Islamic name on conversion.. (The Saida part is Mrs..) has had her 15 minutes making the Trio Moronico, Flanagan, Coveney and The Injun look all liberal, forgiving and reeely Euro for their supervisors in the EU Parliament. Well done.. oh snivelling lackeys they will say.. A job in the EU car parking office or the sanitary supplies warehouse will be yours. You can fawn on your betters and we will run your country...

Saida Lisa will be remoulded as as feminist spokesman, woman, or what ever.. That LLS couch isn't far away... or.. a column in the IT.. ' New to the Mosque'
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