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Leonardo's Adoration of the Magi

The Field Marshal

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Oct 2, 2018
thanks tadhg for up loading this I do not have the brains to do it -- if you look you will see there is a physical wall or border between the holy family and every one else .
the young figure looking over the wall is stated to be the young john the Baptist .
the area in the background has no vegetation --no colour completely sterile except for the gay men who are given a feminine appearance and stance and are clearly having a lovers quarrel .
joseph is portrayed as too eldery to have fathered the child and his arms are not visible to further deny him strength and very strangely marys hand appears to hold her hand in a very strange way as it is expected your eyes are drawn to this .
any thoughts out there
. bugs
Yes I noticed the position of the hand which supposedly is shielding the child’s naked genitalia but does,nt fully and indeed might be interpreted as grasping them.
In addition the muscles on Mary’s right bicep would make McGregor jealous.

It’s a very very odd and unevenly executed mediocre painting but then Michaelangelo was a total oddball.

Notice the little shamrocks at the bottom.
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