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Labour going all out for childcare


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Nov 3, 2015
Joan has decided that her best chance of saving the Labour Party from complete annihilation at the GE is to go after mothers and young children.

Today Joan announced Labour`s plans to radically overhaul childcare and make it more fairer.

As with Labour you would have to take their election promises with a pinch of salt which was confirmed by Pat Rabitte when he said " [font=arial, sans-serif]“Isn't that what you tend to do during an election?[/font][font=arial, sans-serif] "[/font]

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[font='PT Sans', sans-serif]With polling day more than two weeks away, the [font='PT Sans', sans-serif]general election campaign[/font] is still in first gear this week but some politicians should be feeling the heat.[/font]

[font='PT Sans', sans-serif]Here's five things we learned today:[/font]

  1. [font='PT Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Parents will eventually have to fork out just €2 an hour for childcare if ambitious proposals set out by Labour are to go by. By 2021, no parent will pay more than €2 an hour – that's around €320 a month for full time working parents. Tanaiste Joan Burton also pledged to extend parental leave to three months.[/font]
  2. [font='PT Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]If politics doesn't work out for Gerry Adams this time around, he could always give panto a go. When the Sinn Fein leader spotted Taoiseach Enda Kenny on the campaign trail in Sligo, he couldn't help but put on a show for the crowd. “Well, I think I can see the Taoiseach over there in the hedge. You see? Look! Look! Look behind you!” he shouted.[/font]
  3. [font='PT Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Farmers seem very happy about Micheal Martin's plans to establish a retail watchdog to monitor below cost selling. The Fianna Fail leader received a loud round of applause at an Irish Farmers Association meeting in Dublin this morning when he spoke about his plans for rural Ireland if he gets back into power.In recent months, hundreds of farmers have protested over falling incomes.[/font]
  4. [font='PT Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]If opinion polls are a true reflection of how the public is planning to vote, then it could be very good news for Fine Gael but disastrous for Labour. Fine Gael are on 30%, Labour 8%, Fianna Fáil 18% and Sinn Fein 17%, with Independents taking 15% of further votes in the latest opinion poll. But Labour leader Joan Burton remains defiant “as far as I'm concerned it's all to play for,” she said.[/font]
  5. [font='PT Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]The main message from the Social Democrats today was that investment in Irish businesses will be one of their top priorities. TD Stephen Donnelly said he won't hike the minimum wage like other parties have promised. But he said the Social Democrats want employers to move voluntarily to the recommended living wage of €11.30 an hour.[/font]



PI Member
Nov 3, 2015
Dont listen to him kids, look at what Labour said to your older siblings!

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