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Orlared Kalergi plan graffiti in Rathmines, Dublin | Liveline with Joe Duffy

Nov 5, 2018
“The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear
oh c'mon. That all seems very extreme and paranoid to me. A conspiracy theory or what ?

i mean, you could only believe such a far-fetched story if you had evidence. Like tons of the couples walking past you in the street were say, either an irish man with a woman from the Far East ..........? is that happening ? or maybe an irish woman with a man from the EMEA area ?

Oh and so you see. No conspiracy at all.


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Jul 31, 2018
RTE always promotes big mouths with small intellects.
That way nobody ever actually challenges the government line.

RTES public broadcasting policy is to reflect and reinforce government policy at all times everywhere.
Never look to them for anything other than pure state sanctioned propoganda.
Useless and over paid the lot of them.

They are a tool 100% weaponised by the Irish govt and daily flout all normal journalistic standards of objectivity to deliver that govts agenda.
As I've mentioned before, the internet really exposed that.
But it's the same in many other countries, especially with a licence fee set-up.

The government dictates that 'the people' pay for the 'service'.
So although the money isn't coming directly from the government, they still retain control of the broadcasters purse strings, which allows them to exert huge control over the narrative.

Same with the BBC.
It's no more impartial than RTE.
What sort of 'fair' coverage did they give to Brexit and Farage ?
Yet through the medium of the internet, those who previously would have believed they held minority opinions, suddenly realised they weren't and voting could make a difference.

That's why it's absolutely critical to keep the internet away from government hands.
They are going to frame their efforts as 'won't somebody think of the children'.
But this is a lie.
Take for example the 'antics' of Jimmy Saville, which were well known, but couldn't be published due to the UK's extreme libel laws (ours are very similar).
Going forward, I'd ask you to note how the same politicians screaming about censoring the internet (for the safety of children) will curiously have no zeal for adopting a US-style 1st amendment and less libel laws.
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