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Political Irish Justin Barrett - "Just when you think things couldn't get any worse..."


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Apr 30, 2020
I spoke with Serina directly yesterday; I asked her where she stood on the hanging issue and she was stubbornly sticking to her views that yes, hanging pedophiles is the correct way forward. I asked her some time back in an online one-to-one interview where she stood on the National Party finding common ground with Sinn Fein. She laughed at the idea, and this was AFTER the last general elections. I was pushing her to look at the possibilities of a party merge on certain ideological grounds but she insisted there is none.

Big mistake, from my point of view: Sinn Fein did well, but could have done much better were it not for the lack of numbers.

That said - I can see her point of view now - there isn't any common ideological ground if one party is trying to lose the stigmata of so many knee-cappings and bodies in the ground, and the National Party are gearing up for more of the same IF they get their way.

Which they won't: only cranks and freaks are going to vote to bring the gibbet back.

In that light - the NP aren't going anywhere but down in most people's estimation - Ireland does NOT want to be dragged back to the middle ages.

Can anybody in the house: ie @Tadhg Gaelach or @Superhans PLEASE boot this complete moron off the thread?

Sinn Féin is an explicitly anti racist party committed to mass immigration, you might as well try a merger with the Workers Party.


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Nov 16, 2015
Justin was right. Stagg was tolerated in the Dail for years after the Phoenix Park incident ( which was 1991/1992 I think ). The political and media establishment kept schtum about the whole thing.

Mind you, the voters in Kildare kept putting him back in, despite this sick incident.

A UK MP would have had to resign. Not in Ireland. No accountaility.

Gogarty sorted him out! :ROFLMAO:

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