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Jim Dowson's 'Síol na hÉireann' scheme exposed by The Burkean

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Sep 13, 2020
The vision of Pearse and Connolly is the best starting point for Irish Nationalists.
Why should that be the starting point?

Of course I revere the memory of both these men because they died for Ireland and that elevates them to another level. However, I would have some fairly substantial problems with aspects of their respective visions.

bells of shandon

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Jun 13, 2019
I read the Burkean article and its is mostly an attack on Dowson and his murky past with the BNP and his dealings as a political consultant in Hungary.
Niall McConnell has certainly picked up many fundraising methods from Dowson.
A political organisation certainly needs money to finance and promote their aims. Short of selling out to the Corporate sector, an imaginative fund raising programme has to be conceived.
The Irish Patriot has a very active presence,with its website, Utube channel and its Newspaper. It takes lots of money to finance this activity and I do not begrudge Niall McConnell for his fund raising methods.
Whether he is still associated with Jim Dowson is not clear ,but McConnell needs to make a statement on the relationship to clear his reputation.
He has done sterling work up to now and we know that any successful Nationalist is likely to be a victim of the NGO 'dirty tricks' dept. and be reputationally smeared to undermine and degrade his organisation. All part of the nasty political game, to plant seeds of doubt, of integrity and sincerity.
We and the Burkean should concentrate investigative efforts on the cesspool of dirty money, flowing thru;; the legacy Parties of FF/FG/SF/Lab, they are the real Enemies of the Irish People and not a small time hustler like Jim Dowson.
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DP Moran

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Jul 9, 2019
Only it is not. You only have to look even half seriously at the history of Appalachia to see that. Or even Shay's Rebellion where the Scots Presbyterians were put down brutally in the North between 1786-1789.

How many of the modern Vatican created the Nazis, Vatican promote Communism, Vatican control the EU conspiracy theories in the anglosphere come from men of an American Evangelical or Ulster/Scottish background? It is the same hysteria as Home Rule is Rome Rule. I've lived in England and Scotland and I know a large number of other Irish people who have as well. The anti-Irishness and sectarian hatred of Catholicism is far greater in the central belt of Scotland than any town or city in England.


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Sep 12, 2018
I think Niall's heart is in the Right place but it would be best to part ways from JD from now on

- you need money to run an organisation and you would need to be pushy about getting it

- so I can't blame him for that.

I never gave him anything but I took his photo last Saturday:


Those outfits they're wearing are cringey and will only put off norimes.


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Oct 30, 2015
Its not a good image if you want to recruit normal people.
Looking and acting like paramilitaries will do more than the hippybongo approach. The YV could feild 250,000 people a week for a year in parades and the regime wouldnt flinch.
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