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Video It looks like Biden just got some really bad news.

Conall Gulban

PI Member
Nov 26, 2018
And thats how they ensnare the gullible and weak minded... a story with a theoretically plausible basis but wrapped up in outrageous ridiculousness.

They are crackpots. Like the armed guy storming the pizza restaurant to save the kids in the basement when there was no basement in the restaurant and certainly no kids.

The whole qanon thing is dangerous rubbish and only the mentally challenged fall for it.
I'm not defending Q Anon but I think you need to have another look at Comet Pizza/Ping Pong. I don't think you have all the information. And yes, wrapping it up in outrageous ridiculousness is exactly what happened.
What happened to the guy who shot it up? (and happened to hit a hard drive in a safe thus destroying it so any data on it could not be recovered) He seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Anyway this is not a Q Anon thread, anyone who wants to set one up go ahead but lets not get sidetracked on the election fraud issue.


PI Member
Apr 23, 2020
What happened to the guy who shot it up? ..... He seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

I agree, this is not a qanon thread.... but i just wanted to adress this one question/issue seeing as you asked it.

He has not disappeared.... he is in jail. He got four years, three years ago!


PI Member
Oct 30, 2015
This is getting good:

The votes in Georgia were being digitally processed by a Venezuelan-owned Canadian company in Barcelona.

This claim needs to be fact checked. And by fact checked I mean the facts in it need to be checked not the usual "fact checking" that means that some anti-Trump organisation like NY Times, Washington Post, Time, The Economist etc has produced a "fact-check" opinion piece attacking it.

Why exactly do votes need to undergo any "digital processing"? Surely they just need to be counted. There is no processing involved. The only reason anyone would want to see any "digital processing" performed would be if they want to see the output results being something other than a count of the number of votes input.

And there are those claims about Canadian/Venezuelan/Spanish involvement. Involving three foreign sources along with the ability to "process" the vote counts sounds like some tangled web of corruption designed to allow vote manipulation hidden behind layers of opacity in the manner of the "layering" phase of a money laundering operation.