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Islam - The Religion of Peace


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Aug 2, 2017

ISIS style sex slavery in the hadiths. It's where they got it from. :rolleyes: :sick:


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Dec 16, 2019
Now imagine if he had been burning a bible and was beaten by Christians.
How would the media report that ?

It is impossible for a Muslim to burn Torah or Bible. You cant see such a thing. (If it is not an agent pretenting to be Muslim, there are many)

Myles O'Reilly

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PI Member
Feb 3, 2017
Denmark people and other Scandinavians should stop pretending to be the "happiest person" in the Earth. They live a shitty life. No morality, no family ties, no living in the moment mentality, no human relationship, why would someone give more importance to his her pet more than their families ? Just takes her alcohol bottle, makes her make up, burns his Quran and goes to nights, pretends to be happy while dancing, comes back to home and suicides, their kids have no idea who is their real daddy, hates his neighbor that purchased a new car, hates it when they see a migrant living better life.
Either that or worship a paedo three times a day?
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