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Is Irish Democracy an illusion?


PI Member
Dec 13, 2016
The Pale
I was watching a Chinese businessman on You Tube and he said that in China the party cannot change but the policies can. In the West, the parties change but the policies can't. That's certainly true in Ireland. Since the Brits founded the Free State in 1921, the only policy here has been to drive up the value of land so as to enrich the landowners. To change that policy you'd not only have to exterminate the FFG, but the 26 county free state itself.
It is discouraging that the roman republic lasted so long and its US analogue doing the same. They could drag this farce of the constitutional "representative" democracy clown show out for another century. Imagine the country in 2080, maybe 40% of the country being ethnic Irish, totalitarian law and mass entertainment then, a 1% of media bugmen bullying public opinion.

Movies like Elysium are coming true. Ascending China is an Outside context problem that might stop this trajectory of history. Forget about the rest of the world. India is a multiethnic shithole, South America a joke as is the Muslim world, even the Muslims are afraid of China which basically is a national socialist state using a low suffrage electoral system.

Conall Gulban

PI Member
Nov 26, 2018
I know someone who works in the count. The process that's used it seems unlikely that it could be tampered with. The boxes are opened and counted out in the open. I don't know why they stopped using the Gardai from transporting them. One thing I fear though is all this talk will have a demoralising effect on activists.
Its the transporting of boxes I'm concerned with, and the complete lack of transparency surrounding it. Also the refusal of the Govt to bring in outside observers. If there's no issue then whats the problem with bringing in observers?
I noticed during the Abortion referendum, those who worked in the polling station for 20+ years had all been changed..all of them. It was mostly kids of about 20 -23 years old manning the voting rooms. And if not kids it was people with no attachment to the community..outsiders. The same thing happened in my parents constituency and apparently this had occurred in lots of places all over the country. Kids are less likely to notice anything untoward.
Then there the issue of empty ballot boxes allegedly turning up at a Cork count centre last week..whats that about? Also according to Gemma and her followers who were at the count centre all night, a van similar to the van which transported the ballots turned up at 4am then left when they saw Gemmas supporters hanging around.

Most worrying of all is the supposedly 100s of thousands of deceased/ex pat/living abroad voters still on the register and no effort whatsoever is made to remove them, and this has been the case for years. Very easy to vote rig when you've got thousands of 'free' votes in each constituency.


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Aug 4, 2019
I would respectfully suggest that Democracy itself is the illusion. Both in ancient Greece and the modern era. Take a close look at the economic and social developments that occoured over the 300 years after Persia got BTFO'd in 480BC. The money power loves itself some Democracy.

bells of shandon

PI Member
Jun 13, 2019
I contend that the only verifiable result in the recent 4 bye-elections was the one in Fingal. Where Gemma babysit the ballot boxes and White van man was hovering with intent at 4am.
Melissa o'Neills low vote in Wexford does not compute,she was a very strong candidate.
FG/FF have the means ,motive and opportunity to rig any vote or referendum.
Irelands Electoral system is fraudulent and need the OSCE to supervise any future eelctions to give some credibility.\
Anyone that votes FG/FF needs serious awakening to the evils they have brought to Ireland.


PI Member
Jul 28, 2018
I have almost no faith in the political system in this Country, I have even less faith in the journalism in this Country,

That is based on Facts,, not wishy washy thinking,, The swiss Canton system would really suit us as it opens up debate and takes
away the central corrupt incompetent power that the Dail then uses to ruin our Country,, accountability is great,, more and more is important,

I love that argument that it takes at least 4 or 5 years to implement change etc,, in the real world it would take 4 or 5 weeks,, they
are lying and lying,,, Vladkar wasted no time forcing in gays thinking they are married and abortion on demand plus more mass third world immigration ,, his 5 years are nearly up and health/housing etc are fooking worse ,, it shows his priorities are aligned with the D4 Fake News,

WORST GOVERNMENT IN IRISH HISTORY , that is if you are a young Irish person looking for hope,, cos you are not getting a house and you are being force fed fooktard sh1te 24/7 by traitors,,
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