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COVID-19 Irish times front page photos of "Covid victims"


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Jan 28, 2020
Still waiting for some evidemce this stuff works. There has been no peer reviewed studies in any journals that show this.

You are claiming this stuff works. Where is the proof? Links from the inventors website dont cut it, particularly when all hes providing is links to studies that show that bleach kills virusses and bacteria on worktops etc, not in vivo.

Im sorry, but you are touting a completely unproven and toxic product. This same product has been claimed to be a cure for autism and hiv too over the years. Its as useful for covid as it is for those medical issues.
Follow the money and you will see why the links to the clinical trials are being censored. This is an article about it. As you well know the pharmaceutical industry is one of the richest industries in the world and profits from the proliferation of diseases. There are many ethical doctors like the 600 doctors who marched in Madrid last week who still follow the hypocratic oath of do no harm. Now I know I am talking to a brick wall discussing this with you someone who obviously doesn't believe in doing good. A merciless advocate for the eviction of middle aged Irish people from their intergenerational ancestral home. Coronavirus Special Information for Physicians and Researchers - Andreas Kalcker

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