Self Moderated thread In Memory of our Brother Leader Al Gaddafi who suffered Martyrdom on this Day 2011


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Jul 28, 2018
Gaddafi was quoted as saying all he needed to stop the mass sub-saharan migration was a few helicopters and a dozen jeeps blocking the three passes into Libya,, fire a few shots into the ground in front of them and they went home,,

Since Clinton and Bam opened up Libya the passes were left open and hence we had the mass migration in the Med , the fooking idiot Irish government sending Irish ships off the coast of Africa to ferry them into Europe was just pathetic,, did they even think for one moment when it would end given their actions ? fooking arseh0les, ,

Obama/Clinton are 100% responsible for every poor soul that drowned in the Med trying to get to Europe,, 100% no doubt about it, they enabled it with their disastrous policy and in Syria ,, and all the other chancers using the Syrian war to get into Europe,

Major Infraction

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Oct 31, 2015
Hard to extract the truth from the different slants about his rule.

Not so hard to see the result of the freedom loving west’s attack on his country.

He really must have pissed off somebody.

Remind me. What was the justification for that again?

And not only is Libya now suffering the consequences.

So are we.

bells of shandon

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Jun 13, 2019
Ghadaffi was overthrown, because he attempted to avoid the Perto-dollar chokehold of the USA on oil exports. He also did not have a Central Bank, ,so avoided the usury imposed by the Bank of International Settlements in Basle.
He also attempted to issue a Gold backed currency the Dinar for Africa ,which would have undermined the French economic control of their former colonies using the Currencie Francais Afrique (CFA).
In the middle of the regime change war, the Benghazi terrorists set up a Central Bank.
Libyan Gold and currency was looted at the conclusion of the regime change.The Libyan Armory was cleaned out of weapons and shipped to Syria,along with the Jihadis ,to rinse and repeat regime change there, until Russia entered the picture.
Hillary Clinton,Obama,Sarkozy and Cameron are all war criminals for the death and destruction they visited on Libya.
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