Real Europe Immigrant invasion of Ireland


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Feb 5, 2020
The Kalergi Plan needs to become public knowledge. It's not a conspiracy theory it's an absolute fact of life and death. The Irish and other people of European heritage, must somehow get over the disbelief that the media and our 'leaders' are lying to us. We are literally under a sustained multi-faceted demographic attack. We need a National and International anti-Kalergi Plan alliance before it's too late.

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TW Tone

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May 5, 2019
If there's one group I have less sympathy for than asylum seekers it's the vile Irish who make money out of them
That's why I have no dog in the fight between asylum seekers in Monaghan and the owners of the joint where they are holed up.
Among their bitch list, the foreigners claim the residence has made poor provision for their Ramadan needs. (Is Ramadan back again? Seems it was only yesterday). Does that mean they want lambs to be slaughtered in the Diamond in Monaghan?
They are also complaining they are not getting enough dates. That complaint elicited a frisson of sympathy from me when I read it, as I sometimes had that problem when I was younger.
But it turns out that they want the dates for eating.

Go illegally to a country far from Arabia, but demand Arabian food.
That's the migrant way.
Make a big effort to give them that food.
That's the stupid Irish way.
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May 15, 2019
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