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COVID-19 I got my Covid-19 vaccine yesterday!


PI Member
Jul 8, 2020
I post a lot from established authors in the medical research field who are not censored ..
You post a lot of twitter shite.

I see no actual papers or any hard evidence ever being presented in them.


PI Member
Jul 8, 2020
Wow. that time already. Just starting, are you?

That time already.....jeez, lads, you can talk! You have no sense of irony at all, do you? :D
You're here full time!

So that's spike proteins from the virus.

I guess you accept the virus exists now, which is progress.

Where is the evidence of "spike shedding", to call it that, from the vaccine? And then, what is the evidence of harm from that?


PI Member
Oct 30, 2015
Some of the side effects only become apparent after a fortnight.

I hope your penis disappears like yer man in England.


That really happened? Do you have a link?

I know someone who took it and they went spiralling into a depression, and an angry depression rather than a melancholic one which are the worst to handle.
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Olli Rehn

Olli Rehn

PI Member
Oct 30, 2015
Trying to deflect from the obvious Olli...shilling for the vaccine company with your scripted advertisement, that you had to post as proof in order to collect the fee promised.

“Hi folks,

I got my first Covid vaccination dose yesterday. It all went very quickly. We got a call from our GP offering my wife a shot on Thursday afternoon. When he heard that I had not been vaccinated yet, he told her to bring me along.
There was a good amount of people waiting in front of the surgery and we joined the crowd. After 15 minutes or so it was our turn and we got called in. Within less than 5 minutes we got our shots of Pfizer/Biontec. I felt nothing when I got the injection.
We were asked to sit down in a room with some others for about 15 minutes. Everyone was very relaxed. We left afterwards and went home.
No side effects since. I am as fit as ever. Tried to find any trace of an injection on my arm- nada. Same with my wife. She says that her upper arm is a wee bit painful. Nothing more.
We see the doc again in 4 weeks time for our second and final shot.
I keep you informed about anything happening.

So- come and join the crowd. We beat the virus together!”


First of all, across all platforms this is the same version of similar scripts that influencers are given.

You have never, ever articulated yourself in such a congenial manner...normally you are gruff and angry, like you are in your posts to me, and others you come in contact with here on this forum.

Do you expect me to believe you got a personality transplant along with the vaccine?

Also, when in Gods name in recent history, prior to Covid did anyone respond like this to a vaccine, having to explain in minute detail the event...especially, when we all have experienced getting a vaccine and know inside out from many previous experience what the procedure is and all that it entails... every child who can talk, perfectly knows the drill...as they say from 0 to 90 and over know it...but, here you are talking like we all live on Mars.

You are either a complete dope, or you are getting paid...which is it?

By they way, you neglected to say the interesting part...did they inform you that Pfizer mRNA vaccine only has emergency authorised use and it is an unapproved product? I hope they did!

In the EU they have what’s called a CMA....

CMA is used in EU legislation for emergency situations in response to public health threats. It is approved for use in the EU under emergency circumstances during this pandemic, but it is still an unapproved product until all trials are concluded in 2023...

It is an investigational drug, and its safety and efficacy has not been established.

“Extraordinary efforts by scientists, regulators, and developers enabled the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to recommend the first EU conditional marketing authorisation (CMA) for the BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (nucleoside-modified) BNT162b2 (Comirnaty)
1some 9 months after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. On Dec 21, 2020, the European Commission granted CMA, following the EMA's positive opinion, to BNT162b2 for active immunisation of individuals aged 16 years and older to prevent COVID-19, which is caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to permit the emergency use of the unapproved product, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 16 years of age and older.

You still try to shoot the messenger. You come up again with bullshit about being paid or stupid.
It is YOU who is being stupid! The sad thing- YOU ARE NOT EVEN AWARE OF IT! You have your own head so deep up your own arse that you are truely trapped in your own echo chamber.
For months you and your ilk peddle bullshit about the virus. No conspiracy stuff too sick. Not a word about 5 G anymore- why did you stop? Folks don't swallow your guff anymore?
Bill Gates? Shit- he is getting divorced....
What about David Ike's mad thesis- you don't peddle that either anymore. Ran out of steam? Or did you realize it was all utter bull?
Now you try to discredit the vaccines. And to make sure you have some success this time, you call folks who take the vaccination being "paid".
It is time to change your avatar again- everyone can see your sick game! You are a conspiracy merchant, plain and simple!

Besides all this- check out my posting history. You might realize how wrong you are about me.

Myles O'Reilly

PI Member
PI Member
Feb 3, 2017
Same with my wife. She says that her upper arm is a wee bit painful. Nothing more.

A wee prick doesn't bother Mrs Rehn? Well she has been married to you for a long while Oll !

I hope she didn't read the side effects on men. She might have to do with no prick a'tall! :LOL: