Hot Hundreds killed as conflict escalates in Yemen

Jan 11, 2018
Yes I agree the Saudis alone could not have done it.

I'm sure not just the Israelis but many in the US government were in on it too.
Of course the US has traitors. I like Christopher Bollyn. You can't just watch his videos. You have to look through his website and the search for the newspaper articles yourself to corroborate his investigation. If I can find out about the sale of land in New York port, why can't the authorities?

They say to follow the money trail and that does lead to the Saudi's. A country which hires Colombian mercenaries to fight a land war with the poorest country on the Arabian peninsula could not have pulled off the technical feat which was 911. Bollyn has given probable cause, it's up to the authorities to put some meat on the bones.


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Oct 31, 2015
This is an interview with the British investigative journalist Patrick Coburn. He has highlighted in a recent piece in the UK Independent that the figures of the dead in the Saudi/U.A.E./UK/US genocidal war against the people of Yemen have been hugely underestimated, and that in fact some Western media outlets have been suggesting the death toll is less now than the 10,000 figure given in January 2017, a figure which he claims was way too low in the first place.

He reports that at least 56,000 people have died to date due to Saudi/U.A.E. bombing alone, and at least another 105,000 children have starved to death.

The starvation is due to the Saudis/U.A.E. - backed by the sick US and UK governments, and their militaries - using siege warfare, a war crime, to destroy farms, destroy the fuel depots which house the fuel needed for farming, and cutting off the supplies from the outside world that Yemen traditionally needed in order to feed its people.

What a sick fucking world we live in due to the elite scum that rule over us!

Trump, May etc are nothing but evil filth for supporting this!

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