HITLER"We can win the war by invading Ireland"

Mar 17, 2016
The land of the golden potato
Still Hayes masterminded the Irish counter intelligence programme during World War II and helped ensure that Germany felt it could not directly invade Ireland. Whitehall in London is adorned with statues of Montgomery and Churchill, and Alan Turing has been honoured with a statue in Manchester, yet to most people in Ireland, Hayes and other Irishmen who played such a crucial role in World War II sadly remain largely forgotten.

Frankly I doubt Hitler was that interested in invading England, let alone Ireland.

I'm sure Hayes is a swell guy n' all but it always amuses me how the Anglo mercantile world vaunts these maths bean counter accountant types out of all proportion. I don't think Hayes really risked his neck at any time and truth be told he's a minor player in the scheme of things.

It reminds me of how the Anglos think that looted art is some kind of heinous apocalyptic crime. They really are a civilisation of petty shopkeepers, auctioneers and moneymen.
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