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Happy 70th Birthday Israel


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Oct 30, 2015
The evil roots of Israel, when Herzl helped the Turks cover up the early genocides of the Armenian Christians. When if the world (and esp Christian Europe) had paid attention the much later much larger genocides of Armenian Christians could have been prevented.

In 1896, Herzl made a trip to Constantinople to try and meet Sultan Abdul Hamid so as to negotiate the purchase of Palestine, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. Herzl was prepared to offer millions of pounds to resolve the Turkish debt crisis, and get a Jewish state in exchange. The Sultan declined to meet with him (they met a couple years later) but his aides gave Herzl some terms. Could he work on the Armenian issue in the European press? Turkey was getting bashed for its treatment of the Armenians. And Herzl, who always bragged that his pen was not for sale, agreed to do so.
The Hamidian massacres of Armenians which included every kind of torture of every sex and age of victim included the burning alive of 3000 Christians hiding in a cathedral. It could be said that the reaction of Christian nations was not just an original sin of zionism but an original sin of Christian Europe in choosing the side of the Turks/Zionists and ignoring their fellow Christians. Zionists do not acknowledge their victims and to this day both Turkey and Israel refuse to recognise this as genocide.

I saw one with his face completely smashed in with a blow of some heavy weapon after he was killed. I saw some with their own necks almost severed by a sword cut. One I saw whose whole chest had been skinned, his fore-arms were cut off, while the upper arm was skinned of flesh. I asked if the dogs had done this. "No, the Turks did it with their knives." A dozen bodies were half burned. All the corpses had been rifled of all their clothes except a cotton undergarment or two....To be killed in battle by brave men is one thing; to be butchered by cowardly armed soldiers in cold blood and utterly defenseless is another thing
And now that nearly every Christian of the region has been killed or driven out with the aid of modern day zionist intrigue the theatre could well turn to Europa one day for the final act.


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Aug 2, 2017
No he is just looking for a 50p piece that fell out of his pocket into one of the cracks. He will get along well in Israel.
The British and Israelis are fine people.

Of course they get along well - apart from your favourite Jew haters on the Left. (y)

Eagle USA

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The British and Israelis are fine people.
Fine people who go around butchering less well armed natives and taking their lands and resources at gunpoint.

The situation in Israel as in Northern Ireland and the Indian subcontinent is a lasting legacy to the toxicity of the British Empire.
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