Hamlet to be played by an Irish-Ethiopian, 12 years a slave to be played by a white Irish man?

Jun 23, 2017

So he is expressing a preference based on a composition of different ethnicities. Specifically he references the genotypical ethnic difference, meaning he is selecting based on different ethnic genetics i.e it can be summed up as - expressing as being positive the discrimination (a distinction) based on the colour of one's skin. This demographic condition had to be forced and is an artificially induced change in the natural circumstance of a native Irish ethnic people and for which would have stayed that way without direct deliberate engineering to force a change on the circumstances of the native ethnicity.

We can see this is no different to the situation Open-Border Extremists complain about where the native ethnicity or in particular ethno-nationalists express a preference to remain as they are, which by default and through no unnatural or engineered fault of their own means to be a mostly homogenous people or handfuls of closely related peoples within their midst. To use their logic and terminology it is no different a discrimination, discrimination based on skin colour.

It is in fact however even worse, one (the ethnic sense of identity and survival) is normal and natural not involving hate of 'the other'. The other case (the multicult artificial engineering of society) involves hate because it sees that a specific race or ethnicity cannot be allowed be left alone, it must be changed to fit a socially constructed notion of what they should conform to. The multicult case tries to bring about a situation that sees a group of people that cannot be allowed be left alone, to remain as they naturally are, which interferes and intrudes into their existence to forcibly change that normal natural existence and the circumstances of a people who have maintained their ethnic existence since it came into existence, this sometimes being 1000s of years.
To interfere and intrude with such an ethnicity and try to artificially infuse elements which would not under normal and natural circumstances have come about, and which undermines and is detrimental to their continued existence, falls under the UN definition of contributing to genocide.

Graham McLaren, supports genocide of ethnic peoples. Not only that, he supports genocide of one type of ethnic people over another and for the maintenance and continued existance of those others. In the accusatory terminology which these Open-Border Extremists use, he is the "fascist, the nazi, the racist" he describes and affixes to people who try to defend the existence of their own ethnicity or all ethnicities as distinct in their own right.
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