#Grexitwatch Chart that illustrates how the Goldman Sachs/EU Vulture Fund is literally killing innocent Greeks!

Jul 28, 2018
Who did not jump into the Euro ??

Sweden, Norway, The UK, Switzerland, Denmark ,

Not too fond of the German elite ? why is that ?

The Euro project got everything wrong from the start,,

1) Euro Area = Euro people , from this you can build trust, if, like Merkel, you flood the place with the third world on a power-mad whim (Cologne 2015) then you are sooo fooked like she is, and her legacy ?? and she should definitely be remembered for all the rapes and murders she caused in Germany for her illegal ACTIONS,,,

2) Cautious control of printing money and inflation in the group, letting German and French banks go mad lending (indirectly) to Taxi drivers from Athlone to Athens for 3 houses was just insanity,, so , no fooking body was holding the reigns,, ohh, we had Holohan ? how's his fooking pensions ??

3) The most, and by far the most important issue,, retribution and accountability,, how, just how can we have an avenue to go after the Sutherlands (stake that fooker in the coffin) the Bundesbanks, the Goldman Sachs, the Berties, the Ponzi fookers in the property game,, ? it ain't capitalism if there ain't no capital return,,, it utterly makes me laugh me that idiot Irish "landlords" are driving taxi's while the taxpayer is paying their mortgage of tenants? that are sub-saharans/or other non EU welfare tourists on the dole with medical cards/free education etc etc, by the tens of thousands while we have an IRISH ,, wait for it,, HOUSING CRISIS ??? and VLADKAR in Africa is still flying them in ??

The Euro project has only one chance ,, ehh, be Europe ? not the third world in Europe taking over,,

If it does not get this SIMPLE message then, we are back to the drawing board,,

But hey,, we can always rely on our LYING Gay Indian abortion Taoiseach that NOBODY voted for to talk for us and asked people to not celebrate the abortion referendum as he made a race to a street Party in Dublin Castle and high fived all the feminists to get a vote,, ?

What a disgusting individual ?
Oct 30, 2015
Shit happens when you don’t pay your correct taxes.

You can’t baste your wrinkled nutbag out on Mykonos in retirement at 50 and expect Dieter to pay.

Duddnt work mate
Dieter knows his duty, he's like a robot who does exactly as his gov says picoms2

Irish nutbags need abastin, Dieter you lazy knut, get the fk back to work picoms6
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