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PI Member
Jan 28, 2020
After the vaccine your code will be stored in a centralised computer. Your medical records will be associated with the code. You will recieve medication from the pharmaceutical company based on your ailment associated with your code. Natural medicine will either be blocked or grossly decreased. All your records will be associated with this code. Including details of assets, intellectual property etc. If someone gets access to your code they can increase your medication and kill you. Before doing this and your code is registered as dead in the system they can transfer all your assets, into their account. They can basically do anything to you once they have access to your code which you will shortly be assigned. CBN have discussed that this codes will be in the vaccines whether in the form of nano technology gel as suggested by darpa or the widely produced here in Ireland RFID chip. Best form of defense is to keep under the radar as much as possible. I shouldn't even be typing this. This technology has already been developed. RFID Chip May Be Tied to the New Coronavirus Vaccine It is a common tactic of criminals to hide information or try to pretend it is not true and call anyone who researches e.g how many companies in Ireland are making these chips a conspiraloon etc. Just remember anyone who does that may be responsible for causing harm to members of their own families. Do your own research.
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