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Garda Commissioner sees evidence of right wing extremism in Ireland, etc.


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Aug 29, 2018
Garda Commissioner Drew Harris is reported as being concerned about the rise of right wing extremism in Ireland.

RTE is reporting that

'Mr Harris told the Policing Authority that hate crime is a growing problem and An Garda Síochána is implementing a plan to investigate it and standardise the approach to it across the organisation.
He said Ireland is not immune to the rise in right-wing extremism and the new plan to investigate hate crime is "a plank in our response".
He said the force wants to develop a system of online reporting and the reaction from minority communities most affected by the crime has been very positive.'

Link here to the report here: Gardaí see rise in right-wing extremism - Commissioner

The Journal link here: Garda Commissioner concerned about rise in right-wing extremism in Ireland
reports that

' “I am concerned about right-wing extremism. We can see evidence of it on our shores as we have seen it spread across Europe,” he said.
Last month, the government launched a public consultation process ahead of an expected strengthening of hate speech laws and the introduction of a specific new offence of ‘hate crime’.
Harris said there needs to be a consistent approach by gardaí in dealing with hate crime and they are seeking to develop an online platform so people can report it.
“We need to standardise our approach to hate crime across the organisation and develop an online reporting platform to deal with it,” he said.
He said minority communities are most affected by it and the motivation for it is one of discrimination and prejudice.'

From the RTE report, one could ask has An Garda Síochána been consulting with minority communities on such a system of reporting - in the October 19 RTE report linked above 'a Garda National Diversity Forum with representatives of communities will be established to monitor and review its implementation on a quarterly basis' ?
If they are consulting with minorities, have they plans to consult with the majority community?

If people can complain online - will it become like an exercise in virtue signalling e.g. as on Twitter and what definition of 'hate crime' will An Garda Síochána be using to investigate - I see from the October report linked above they have developed a working definition- have this been enshrined in legislation? If it hasn't, what basis in law do the Gardaí have to use it? Has there been scrutiny of this by our elected public representatives? Will there be consequences for filing of false claims? Will it become a colossal waste of police resources and public monies? Has any draft proposal been costed yet?

Interesting as well that the Journal is reporting an expected strengthening of hate speech laws - if so what was the public consultation recently launched with great fanfare about?
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Aug 2, 2017
It's the Gardaí we are talking about.

If Mr. Harris sees Right Wing extremism and announces it in public,
it's already too late......


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Oct 30, 2015
Whats his evidence for this exactly?

The DP and Farmer protests?

Sounds like someone just wants to crack down on civil liberties, using a strawman argument of rightwing extremism.
It's a crackdown on a minority political viewpoint deemed harmful to the direction the elites want to bring the country.

It's persecution no less, as i said he has great experience in political policing used against minority political viewpoints.

As a copper i expect him to follow orders, solve actual crimes and keep the country safe - not to politically corral the populace.


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Jul 28, 2018
Did Leo write the words for him or the EU ?? I certainly don't remember voting for this careerist cop to lie to us when radical left wingnuts have being running riot here for the last 20 years,,, destroying the very fabric of our society and selling us out to the EU,,

Harris is a clown puppet,, told what to say like RTE from Brussels ,, (which by the way will be majority muslim in a couple of decades )


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Oct 24, 2019
There's zero rightwing extremism in Ireland. This is total bullshit and obviously a sign of regime panic at Irish people increasingly 'noticing' the changes in the country.
Oh noooo a small few people are actually thinking about voting differently.... a huge rise in right wing extremism...we must cut this out.
that Dolly Parton fan should be booted out, no business being in this country, he will turn it into the UK... hired exactly just for the reason Indian boy hired him, to have a thought police state like the UK

Exact same model
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