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Gardaí treating serious assault at Newbridge train station as possible "hate crime"

Myles O'Reilly

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Feb 3, 2017
PRAVDA going full on hate crime legislation on Six One earlier replete with rainbow fleg in the background. They had this useful idiot calling for new laws and making sure to stress that his attackers were all white.

It wasn't without a hiccup though. The LGBT+ head of Ireland said recently a gay was dangled from a bridge by "hateful members of his communi….(stutter) eh....from where he lived". Now what communi(ty) dangle gays from heights? Ach it must be the native Irish. Sure isn't a long history of that in Ireland?

Further on in the broadcast the Chinese are apparently being ostracised due to the virus. They had a Chinawoman describe two occasions where she was shunned by, yes you guessed it, a "white Irish man".
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