"Fleet of the Discreet", whether you're Straight, Gay or 50 Shades of Grey- out of my Face & go away

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Nov 21, 2015
Soft Porn on Dublin Billboard Advertising - Do we need this shoved in our faces?

‘Ireland should embrace couples having sex on TV’: Porn star Tanya Tate keen to star in Rubberbandits’ show

The Gaystapo have heavily infiltrated the Irish Political establishment Free Mason style & are in your face.

So too is the Porn Industry.

Now it's time for the Majority of Gays & the Majority of Straights to come together, avail of the Big Political Switch Globally & push for Discretion.

Let the Pornographers & Gaystapo take a leaf out of the SM Community's book.

Discretion threatens no-one.

Stapyaps claim that they were Criminalised 20 years ago but before 50 Shades of Grey- Kinksters were classified as Pervs!

They too have now been liberated but aren't in your face 24/7 telling you what to think, to accept levels of Immigration which wipe out the Health Service or which Toys to buy your Children.

Sex & Politics shouldn't mix- unless absolutely necessary.

Keep it in the Bedroom peeps.

Whether you're Straight, Gay or 50 Shades of Grey- out of my Face & go away! ;)
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