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Fine Gael Cllr injuncted against protesting at Ballinamore proposed asylum seekers housing. Is it FG policy to openly oppose DP locally?


PI Member
Jul 28, 2018
It's FG policy to do whatever is necessary come election time to get elected and then do what they normally do for the next 4 years, look after their well off friends and obey all international instructions.
Vlad is at the same con in Wexford,, supporting a FG candidate that is trying to take votes off any nationalist or anyone close to taking a seat,, while he is flying in more and more third worlders against our direct orders in 2004,

It is not that difficult to grasp, LIE , LIE and LIE ,, just get the seat and the power,, then do the complete opposite of the manifesto,

Vlad has a history of BARE FACED LYING to voters so why on earth would that not continue,, narcissistic psychopaths like Vlad have no
choice but to stick to their LYING pathological behaviour,,

a Vote for FFG is a vote for this generation not owning a roof over their own heads in their own Country as FFG pile in the third world to destroy nationalism,, you could not make this sh1t up,, it is real,,


PI Member
Mar 27, 2016
dublin donegal
Maybe lower in terms of money but far higher in terms of real decency, certainly more than our current crop of 'photo-op' 'leaders' anyway.
I used to work for a high end wardrobe company mostly in D4, black rock , south Dublin.
We would get the very odd job in say crumlin, walkinstown or such like,
The director used to say, well at least we will get paid today.
The d4 luvvies would find every excuse in the book not to pay for months on end, yet in the working class areas a lot of the time the people paid you on the day, with money from the credit union.
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