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FF call on Adams to condemn the Wall - Where would the great and good hide without the wall?

The Potato Mystic

PI Member
Mar 17, 2016
Trump talks about a wall. But he also talks about a door. People remember the wall. But they forget the door. If we want to be honest about Trump, we should include Trump's door as well.

Zuck...Zucxker....the facebook guy.... can suggests what he wants to promote the interests of his business and can contribute what he wishes to the debate but government needs to have the stature and independence to counter the businessman if his desires hurt the national interest. Silicon Valley types have ideas above their station and need to be cut down to size. Trump's has instituted very aggressive curbs on lobbying -- these are landmark reforms in the history of government and an honest enemy of Trump should commend him for this. I'm convinced Trump's intentions are genuine.

Meanwgile, what we are seeing from the media and the politicians who shamelessly scam off the migration crisis are them enter into a frenzy of manufactured rage and have actually created a sense of crisis in the world not seen since 9/11 in order to get at Trump.

All that said, Trump has given off a very bad signal by leaving Saud off his blacklist. Aside from the obvious, he seems to be steering Saud as his forward weapon against Iran. This will complicate matters in respect to US-Russia rapprochement.

And as for our horrible little crew here, everybody seems to be scrambling to find new and novel ways to disgrace themselves. I grow weary trying to unpack their pic n' mix of lumpen-stupidity.

Tadhg Gaelach

Jan 14, 2016
By the Gulag wall.
'On Friday, as VentureBeat reported, CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued one of the strongest public statements. Zuck wrote a critical post on his Facebook page: “We are a nation of immigrants, and we all benefit when the best and brightest from around the world can live, work and contribute here.”' - Apple, Google and Facebook condemn Donald Trump's travel ban
So Zukerberg wants to steal the best and the brightest from every other country and use them as cheap labour for scum like him in the USA. Zukerberg has the mentality of a burglar.


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Mar 23, 2016
Yes America is all immigrant except for first nation people,but Islam is bad news it causes trouble and is about conquest and is undemocratic.I look at London where I grew up a melting pot of psychos and crime all under one roof from all over the world,hell.
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