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Father Jack comments on Leo Varadkar's Covid speech


PI Member
Feb 2, 2020
The Varadknaker is a Psychopath. They are recognised by their delight in causing humiliation and suffering to people.
For the Knaker ,every day of the Scamdemic is another day to wet his drawers at the suffering he has caused.
The constant smirk is a reflection of his perverted satisfaction.
The guys a career politician. He first ran for election when he was in college.
Despite qualifying as a GP. he's never practised.
He displays no understanding nor concern for public health. He may academically be capable of regurgitating rote knowledge with ease, which is probably why he passed his exams.
But your right he's an absolute psychopath. He only jumped on the gay bandwagon when it would help his career.
Wonder what future career opportunities have been offered to him in return for quashing any investigation into the nursing home scandal during his tenure.
His failure to display empathy is astounding.


PI Member
Jun 7, 2020
I remember watching that Snake back in the early days and noticed he was always on screen commenting about other ministers’ portfolio. When he was in Transport he was talking about health and when he was in health he was commenting on transport.

I could see through that phony years ago.
Varadkar was / is always trying to distract from his own Short-Comings ! !