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Self Moderated Ethnic homogeneity in Communist countries


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Dec 31, 2018
One of the areas of politics which confuses me regarding the spectrum of beliefs on the left is that of the different approach taken by Communist states on the matter of ethnic cohesion and immigration policies as opposed to those advocated by Liberals in the West, including by self-professed Communists in the media and universities. While in the Western World, Liberals and self-identified Communists are without question supportive of multiculturalism and open borders, it seems that actual Communist states both past and present take a much different approach to the matter

The Soviet Union and it's satellite states in Eastern Europe were ethnically white states and it's leaders had shown no interest in opening up their society and borders to the agenda of mass immigration. Nor did they desire native ethnic displacement in the way that corporate globalists and liberals do in the West do today. The Eastern European nations, including Russia to this day remain ethnically homogenous.

Within modern Communist China it is much the same as within the former USSR, the CCP does not advocate for mass immigration and an open borders policy which would ultimately undermine the culture and livelihoods of the predominantly native Chinese population. The DPRK is not only a Communist state, yet also one of the most ethnically nationalist counties in the world today. Why is it that countries both past and present such asl China, the USSR and North Korea can be both Communist and ethnically nationalist? Yet in the West, Liberals including self professed Communists belief that race is but a mere social construct along with insisting that multiculturalism and open borders are the path to a more civilised and desirable society?
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