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Video Elon Musk Gets High | Shares Deep Thoughts


PI Member
Jan 23, 2020

Quite Interesting thoughts.

I can't help but like Elon in a way, not quite a pure chancer, he has skills, and I kind of like his style. (Getting fucked up and posting shite on the internet, I can empathise).

Ultimately all he's doing is looking at sci fi and what space nerds like us want for the future and promising to deliver it.

Funny thing is maybe he could, except American economy and society is on such a downspiral that it can't be delivered.

At least he's putting a happy face on the whole thing and remaining optimistic, maybe they can pull it off. But with QE and stimmy checks and cfds and financial shenanigans and mad multicult politics etc the Americans are going to have to take care of a lot of things on Earth before they can look to the stars again.


PI Member
Mar 28, 2020
Musk was once telling the world how we would all be driving autonomous vehicles by now, but then his Teslas kept crashing when on autopilot, and now we don't hear so much of that. Likewise the Tesla truck that had a battery weighing 11 tonnes! Anyone connected with the haulage industry wet their pants laughing at the very idea. In transport payload is the ultimate factor and there he was insisting that it be more or less cut in half on electrically powered lorries.

He should stick to rockets.


PI Member
Jun 7, 2020
Musk seems to be a bit of a Car Salesman and maybe a Second Hand Car Salesman at that.

He is brilliant at getting Publicity for himself and when you consider he is not actually that good of a Public Speaker he gets an awful lot of time on the Media.