Orlared Dublin's new Lord Mayor, Hazel Chu, is living in an episode of Father Ted — sees Nazis everywhere


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Oct 30, 2015
When I was in a liberal (in my mid teens - generally I can figure out how 'normal people' work by imagining how I saw things when I was fifteen) my national ideaology was based around the idea that Ireland should have virtues contrary to all Britain's vices. Ireland would be a welcoming and anti-racist place which would de-Anglicise itself by Gaelicising the newcomers. The provincial Gaelic language would prove itself to be cosmopolitan by being the real agent of assimilation where imperialist English had failed, and all of those crusty snobs who looked down on the Irish language would be humiliated to see the enthusiasm of foreigners for it. Ireland would be the one European nation that met the non-European world on warm and fair terms. My thoughts were based around feelings of extreme warmth and gratification I felt when I saw foreigners showing enthusiasm for native Irish culture. Contrarily I was extremely grieved and hurt when I heard them disparage Ireland. If I were the same age now I would be instantly disillusioned by the constant barrage of hatred from the newcomers and their propagandists. I suspect many pro-immigration Irish feel as I did back then (desperate for the foreigners to like the country) and if they knew how doomed this endeavour was they'd be much less enthusiastic.

We are a nation with low self-regard in some ways (we are arrogant and presumptuous in others). I think a large part of the reason for our immigration policy is that we see every foreigner as a source of validation, a machine which says 'thank you Paddy, you're the only good white man' when you stick free goodies in its mouth.
I think the greatest failure of the Englishman was when he agreed to go abroad to kill the yellow, brown, white, black and maroon man for his country to add to this empire thing when all along he should have been killing his own elite Norman scum and the system they set up in his country a system that has led to the present situation where Normans and Jews in London invite in every Tom Dick and Muhammad from around the world and replace him in his own land. This is the great invisible divide, between their ruling classes and the people themselves which they have never dealt with (not many peoples ever do in fairness) - it's a wider divide than racial divide or religious divide but it has camouflaged itself well and comes in handy when the City of London decides to send ordinary men abroad to die in some ditch for a flag. Now perhaps only now they see it themselves, ordinary English people mean less than turds to the elites running that country.
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