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The new Doctor Who went out last night on the BBC.

For anyone following Doctor Who over the years the show has always been of a man, (Timelord) who regenerates when he dies into a new body, form shape etc. It has never been explicit that the Doctor was always a man, despite each regeneration, he always returned as a man.

The BBC has now decided to change that and last night Doctor Who returned as a woman, Starring Jodie Whitaker.

Is that the Rainbow pride colours on her?

I first thought I would have a problem with a woman playing the Doctor, but after watching the episode I was fine with her. My only faults was that her accent was annoying and I kept thinking of this character from Ab Fab.

However despite this, I think she did a good job playing the new Doctor, time will tell if it was the right choice.

My Biggest gripe with the show is how it has been hijacked by the PC liberal police and changed from its successful premise and now turned into a multicultural liberal show.

First of all its changing the Doctor into a woman, if they get away with this you can guarantee they will push the boundaries again and make the Doctor a Doctor with a minority background.

The second big thing I noticed was the huge number of minorities in the show, I would guess there were more people with an ethnic background than there were traditional white people, or at least equal.

This is the promo shot of the current cast of the show.

I have no issue with people of ethnic backgrounds being included, however, to make them the majority is wrong, not realistic and just stinks of PC Bull. The UK is around 85% white, so why then are we seeing dynamics of equal or majority black/brown people instead of the realistic 8-2 ratio?

Thirdly, Is that the Gay Pride colours on her new Jacket and Tshirt?

Of course, the BBC is guilty of revisionism for a while now, changing historical figures into black people or adding them into dramas so they can get the PC message across, even other TV channels are guilty of this. For me, however, it takes away from the enjoyment of the programme because you see it for what it is, PC bull.


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Apr 2, 2017
Must be right,according to the adverts nearly every couple is mixed race now.......or gay........or both.

jon 1000's of irish f

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May 27, 2018
you will notice the pc types (females) always steal white mans inventions and co-opt them into their warped fantasies. they are incapable of creating anything new! as is being done with marvel comics hijacked by sjw's as is star trek. the bbc now disgusts me. newsnight headline interview was with stormy danels where they went into details (females) on the shape of trumps manhood! Kavanaugh getting into the supreme court was sidelined for more trump hate stories! pathetic warped trolls!


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Feb 22, 2018
Whitaker's first 'victory' for the feminist cause (apart from accepting a job that Olivia Coleman had turned down) was to demand 'equal' pay as her male predecessor in the role - a predecessor decades older, and decades more experience at the job. Tells you what this is really all about.
It's irritating stuff to watch, with no aspirations for content quality (like most TV now I suppose).
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Feb 14, 2018

Ah the glory days. When Homosexuals were treated properly on TV.
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