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Orlared "DNA overwhelmingly determines the direction of our lives" -Robert Plomin, author of Blueprint

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Political Irish

Political Irish

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Feb 5, 2019
From Orlared

Robert Plomin, author of Blueprint attempts to convince a nervous Kirsty Wark that DNA above all else by far determines the direction of people's lives. This is concerning to Wark due to one of liberalism's founding myths that a person's lack of success in life is only due to lack of "privilege" and "systematic racism".

At one point Kirsty blurts out:

"There are real concerns that if you don't say environment is important...then you are consigning...is there not danger of actually introducing a new caste system?"

It's a revealing question. Kirsty would prefer to disregard the science because of hurt feelings or something and well I guess we'd have to question the wisdom of importing infinite migrants from nations who can't create anything resembling modern functioning societies. More convenient to let them burn our cities down in misguided anger.

Plomin is tactful enough not to discuss race in his book which he labels "group averages" but this is Wark's first attack.

"It's the third rail," he says.

Nov 5, 2018
the final conclusive evidence of Neanderthal DNA within all Europeans was groundbreaking.

We are up to 4% Neanderthal. So we are hybrids after all.

There is much controversy about what Neanderthals gave us....possibly, red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, resistance to certain diseases, depression, autism, high IQ from large brain size, a stoicism to survive in a cold dark climate .... what else ?

Also regarding DNA, i have seen studies where the offspring of Anti-social elements are adopted by some nice law-abiding high achievers. And hey presto, all the biological siblings turned out normal while the adopted kids were anti-social. They grew into copies of their biological parents.....regardless of a good middle-class upbringing. Genes matter.

Separately, i have seen studies of twins separated at birth. And reunited as adults. The similarities in their biography is often uncanny. Hobbies, pastimes, choice of profession, even body-language.
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