Did Sinn Féin facilitate Roma racketeering for votes? BBC Spotlight investigates


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Oct 8, 2016
Did Sinn Féin facilitate Roma racketeering for votes? BBC Spotlight investigates

Sinn Féin's Máirtín Ó Muilleoir is at the centre of allegations by Unionist Voice about a Roma community association called RRCANI which is accused of racketeering in the Holy Lands area of South Belfast.

In a BBC Spotlight episode, Peter Coulter investigated some of the claims and travelled to Romania to see the lavish houses owned by leaders of RRCANI.

Broadcast Tue 4 Dec 2018 | BBC NI

The Unionist Voice accusations include that:

RRCANI's Nicolae Nicola is accused of being a ‘gang master’.

His organisation had £74,000 of funding withdrawn from it from Belfast Trust due to serious concerns over financial mismanagement.

Ó Muilleoir publicly complained about these funds being re-located to another part of the Roma community.

Nicola threatened a member of Belfast Trust staff about his “his friends in the IRA”.

RRCANI charged Roma families £300-£500 for providing what is supposed to be a free benefits service. This money was then split with Gerard Rice who works for LORAG.

Prior to a 2017 election, Ó Muilleoir addressed a meeting of the Roma church community and promised them financial support to cover rent at the City Church.

The meeting was then shown mock ballot papers and told they should vote for Ó Muilleoir. Ó Muilleoir also purchased a new sound system for the church.

Sinn Fein, working alongside Nicolae Nicola also provided transport to a polling station.

Ó Muilleoir was aware that Nicola provided Romainian workers to businesses and took a cut of their wages.

Nicola put other Roma to work begging. When one Roma was stopped by the police, they were visited that night by Nicola and told if they mentioned him then his family would be murdered.

Some Roma girls have been trafficked to Belfast to be used as prostitutes and Nicolae got a cut.

Ó Muilleoir was made aware that Roma were being exploited by RRCANI but he didn't care and would not hear a bad word against Nicola.

A staff member of the Belfast Trust was threatened by Nicolae. She went to the PSNI and was given an alarm. Ó Muilleoir knew but didn't care.

Despite numerous warnings from statutory agencies, Ó Muilleoir continued a close relationship with Nicola.

By the 3rd of August, 2018, Ó Muilleoir claimed to have initiated legal proceedings against Unionist Voice for what he described as “junk” allegations.

Unionist Voice provided further details in the form of an interview with a whistleblower who described RRCANI as a criminal enterprise that exploits the Roma people and siphons hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax payers' money to Romania each year and is supported by LORAG, many of whose members are part of Ó Muilleoir`s campaign team in South Belfast, including Gerard Rice.

Nicolae previously got about £20,000 per year from TEO funding. His sister's husband also got around £14,000 per year as a receptionist.

When the first manager of RRCANI resigned, she went to the Board of LORAG.

This Romanian lady’s job was then filled by a man called Michael Cunningham who as far as the whistle-blower was aware was a member of Sinn Féin.

Nicola owns a number of properties and when Romanians come to Northern Ireland they often move into houses directly or indirectly owned by Nicolae.

The next stage is then that RRCANI get those coming over set up with national insurance numbers etc. For this Romanians have to pay between £300 and £500 cash to Nicolae up-front. They have a number of front companies that are used to generate fake payslips and proof of seeking work and things like that. After they are set up with work, they then have to pay £1,000 final payment in cash to Nicolae.

Nicoale for a long time used to use his and his father’s Big Issue company to set Romanians coming over up with work. Nicola would then get them set up as self-employed and eligible for benefits. They would also have to pay him a cut of whatever they made in cash from work he got them.

RRCANI use a church group as a front for their activities to faciliate sending money home to Romania under the guise that they are donations.

In Monaghan Nicolae gets fake insurance documents and driving licences, and charges £500 for them.

Intimidation posters directed against two innocent Belfast Trust workers accusing them of paedophilia were made at RRCANI.

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Tadhg Gaelach

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Jan 14, 2016
Seems there's lot of money in betraying Ireland to foreign invaders and planters.
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