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Death threats left on facebook to Labour TD


PI Member
Oct 30, 2015
[font=Georgia, serif]Labour TD gets death threat[/font]

[font=Georgia, serif]The Wicklow politician contacted authorities after a Facebook user posted a message showing her picture with the statement , "We stone that c*** to death the dirty s***."[/font]

[font=Georgia, serif]Ms Ferris said she was afraid after receiving the abuse, saying that the message amounted to an "incitement to hatred."[/font]

[font=Georgia, serif]"The person themselves may not act but it could encourage others to throw a brick through my window or worse," she said yesterday.[/font]

[font=Georgia, serif]"Do people realise the hurt that this causes? My family are very upset about this. My husband wanted to knock the guy's head off.[/font]

[font=Georgia, serif]"I've had protests outside the office but this is another level. You have to ask, 'would a male candidate get this kind of abuse?'"[/font]
[font=Georgia, serif]Gardaí are understood to be taking the death threat to Ms Ferris seriously as she contests the General Election. She reported it after a party volunteer discovered it on the social media site.[/font]

[font=Georgia, serif]Ms Ferris is the second outgoing Government TD to receive a death threat this week after Fine Gael's Regina Doherty was told that "her throat would be slit."[/font]


Whilst nobody should be the subject of death threats I dont think in this case you can take the random bile of someone on facebook seriously.

But I suppose you never know with some nuts out there, some may actually be serious.


PI Member
Feb 14, 2016
On nearly 100k per year, you have to expect some flack with a public job like hers.
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