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Court conservatives losing their minds over Burkean article


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Dec 13, 2016
The Pale
A real telling moment this morning on Twitter.

Court conservatives John McGurik, Declan Ganley, Paddy Manning and libertarian dentist councillor Keith Redmond decide to pile on Burkean journal author Michael O Dwyer(I will never refer to double barrelled name ever). Apparently he delved to deeply into why Africa is a complete basketcase(clue: its not Africa that's the problem).

Tired of steering the country into losing arguments on important social issues, now they want to be the arbiters of what is said in the public space.

The fucking state of Irish conservatism. McGuirks even getting likes from Soros antifa agent Mark Malone.

Here "libertarian" redmond advocates to deplatform someone because of their views:

I am not going to bother even mentioning facts or the entire history of failure of sub saharans integrating into modernity, I simply don't take seriously anybody who counter signals this. They do so for social reasons alone.

Irish "right wingers" are not right at all and will take the side on the left on the equality question. Perhaps they were hoping here to Shepard a hard working decent writer into the cuckshed of loser conservativism and have been disappointed?

Now a song..

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