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Political Irish

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Feb 5, 2019
Mick Clifford from the Examiner told Radio Kerry that he has noticed some Contradictions in the claims being made by the government about the asylum centre in Caherciveen.

The Dept of Justice claims issues were noticed with the boiler on the day asylum seekers were moved into the centre but Clifford found out that the issues were known about on Dec 28th last year.

A request for further clarity on the Department’s knowledge about when the heating system failed was not addressed in a later reply.

An elevator engineering company is demanding to know why one of their engineers was inaccurately told that Covid 19 was not present in the hotel when he attended for a routine service. He can now not work for safety reasons.

An official for the Dept of Justice visited the hotel on September 25, 2019 to check its suitability as an asylum centre and found it satisfied requirements despite telling the Kerryman newspaper in January of this year that there were "no plans for a direct provision centre for the town."
No plans for refugees in Cahersiveen

The visit did not include an audit to determine how many people could be accommodated in each bedroom. This was conducted by another official soon after the asylum seekers had already moved in.

Suitability of Kerry Direct Provision centre questioned after a quarter of residents test positive for Covid-19

Broadcast: Radio Kerry | 08 May 2020
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